Call for Collaborators:
Commissioned Work

We are currently creating a world in VRChat with inclusion at its core. We aim to work with a diverse team and hope to avoid repeating design processes that have led to different forms of exclusion in built and digital environments in the past. To not fall for a naive approach we are looking for designers and coders who have felt / feel discriminated against to collaborate with and learn from each other. We want to assess what we hope will be a participatory process in form of a publication. We hope to identify good practice methods for design processes. We found inspiration from PhD candidate Mark Bookman, who in his contribution about Virtual Accessibility Mapping for A11yVR who suggested to ”use vr to make up for gaps in the system.”

In particular (but non exhaustively), we are looking for:

Designers to collaborate with (commissions about creation of specific 3D assets)

Coders to create specific behaviors for objects (related to theater in particular, or more generally about VR World accessibility)

Assets to buy/rent that we can use in our world

Remuneration (financed through a public funding by Senat Berlin):

30 € / hour

Prices for buying/renting assets will vary depending on complexity of the asset

We would love to hear from you as a collaborator - or just for feedback. You can find us at:

Katharina Haverich (kathav) and
Roman Miletitch (romamile)